Work Hard and Be Nice to People.
— Anthony Burrill

‘Who is Hank?,’ you say?

I'm glad you asked!

First of all, my name is really Cornelius (I know, right? Shocker!). Hank has a story behind it that i will be happy to share with you if you happen to run into me! 

I am a multi-disciplined designer based out of Birmingham, Alabama devoted to turning businesses into brands through creative thinking and execution. I have worked brands such as Dick's Sporting Goods, TGI Fridays, World Poker, Mississippi State Football, and more. I offer skilled services such as brand identity and strategy, Illustration, art direction, typography design, apparel design, and brand standard guidelines. 

When I'm not in front of my computer or filling up pages in my sketchbook, I like to spend time with my family and friends, drink sweet tea, catch a baseball game or two, and watch House M.D. marathons.

I'm always a fan of a new project, so let’s bring your idea to life and build something memorable.



Photographers Forum
Published in 2015, Photographer's Forum released a collection of the photographs taken by college and high school student photographers. A photograph taken and edited by me was featured in 2015 issue. 

Jet Magazine
I've designed an online article piece for sing/songwriter Stacey Barthe that was published through Jet's Magazine Website.